Unstable Algorithm Stable Coin Genealogy Analysis: AMPL, ESD, Basis Cash.

AMPL (Ampleforth) , the 1st generation algorithmic stable coin.

AMPL was launched on the Bitfinex exchange in June 2019 by means of IEO. Since the end of the IEO, AMPL’s price performance has been mediocre. Until June 2020, it launched liquidity mining program-Geyser. With the increasing Defi hype, its market cap has a increase of 2500x in 2020.

ESD, the 1.5th generation algorithmic stable coin

ESD is currently the second most valuable currency among algorithmic stable coins. Its form is between the first generation AMPL and the second generation Basis Cash, so we define it as the 1.5th generation.

Basis Cash, the 2nd generation algorithmic stable coin

Basis is an algorithmic stable coin project. It raised more than $100M in 2018. It was originally named Basecoin, and then it was withdrawn due to the U.S. SEC regulation.

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