Dialogue with He Yi: Binance never forgot the original intention

1.“I am lucky enough to make the right decisions most of the time.”

In July 14, 2017, Binance went online. In that summer, the sun was scorching hot. Huobi,BTCC and OKEx are very influential, and Li Xiaolai is well deserved the top in the cryptocurrency market with “ ICO.INFO+INB+Yunbi”. CZ Zhao Changpeng established Binance exchange with his technical team as well as He Yi’s marketing team.

2.Jobs — — the first principle of management

He Yi has mentioned in one of the interviews “I like Steven Jobs and also agree with what he said “ we don’t need to care about his self-esteem for the talents.” As a controversial figure, Steve Jobs invented the first PC Lisa with a graphical interface for his pursuit of the product, and was once kicked out of Apple for his uncompromising personality.

3. Excellent as their male colleagues

“90% of the blockchain practitioners are males. “A blockchain industry report wrote. But in Binance, no matter it’s the exchange, Binance Labs, or BABI finance, we can see a lot of excellent female leaders.

4.Mission & Value

When it comes to culture, Binance is undoubtedly a unique exchange, whether from the high return on investment rate, or the pragmatic style, we can easily find this.

5. Never forget the vision at beginning.

When the tide ebb, people will know who is swimming naked.

6.Write in the end

In September 20th, the Meituan group went public in Hongkong. Liang Ning published “The Break and Beginning of the Meituan group”, he said Lashou is the 2VC model, Wowo Tuan is the merger-driven model, and the Meituan group is the user value-driven model. In the past eight years, from having no first-mover advantage to becoming the top five Internet companies in China, the first principle of the Meituan group is always to provide the best user experience.



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