BlockArk Vietnam Meetup: DApp — Emerging in Crypto Winter

On December 17, 2018, the global integrated marketing advisory firm BlockArk, together with AntPool, the Vietnamese star public chain TomoChain, Vietnam’s largest capital BigcoinVietnam and the famous Dapp media MocDapp to host a Vietnamese meeting.

The meetup topic focus on whether DApp will become a continuous enthusiasm and bring new industry opportunities?

First of all, founder of BlockArk Allen Su gave a speech on the topic of “Dapp - A Billion Market in the crypto Winter”. He said: Dapp began to emerge after the blockchain infrastructure was gradually improved. On EOS, Dapp has a total transaction volume of more than 530 million EOS in the past 100 days. Dapp solves the credit problem of centralized application. It has already begun to break through games and gambing, and will be the next trillion-level market.

In the second phase, BigcoinVietnam CIO Nguyen Hoa used the migration of the ICO rating model and the Dapp model to clarify the real reasons why the blockchain investors in Vietnam are looking at the DApp market.

With the climax of the scene, the Antpool’s PR Director Huang Rong debuted and analyzed the new financial model of DApp. Dapp application will bring a new boom for blockchain. But after the bubble burst, the blockchain will return to the essence of market valuation.

In the final stage of the meetup, Long Vuong, Founder & CEO of TomoChain, the Vietnamese superstar project, and three Speakers conducted in-depth discussions on DApp’s future application scenarios. Topics include “What is Dapp’s latest landing in the industry” and “What are the biggest obstacle of Dapp before it is brought to mainstream?” On-site guests also asked a lot of questions and the intense discussion lasted for 50 minutes.



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