From Ampleforth to ESD, from Basis to Frax, algorithmic stablecoins are constantly iterating, causing huge waves. At 16:00 on January 13th, we invited three core developers of algorithmic stablecoins, the founders of Frax Finance, Coordinator of MITH Cash and co-founder of PEGS Cash, to discuss “the future of algorithmic stablecoins”…

Author: Warren Fang, the Co-founder of BlockArk.

Efficient Market Hypothesis

Colleges students major in Finance will learn about the Efficient Market Hypothesis Theory soon after professional courses. The theory believes that in a transparent and fully competitive market, all valuable information has been reflected in the price, including expectations of future value.


Author: Moc, the Chief Analyst of BlockArk.

What is the Meaning of the Metanarrative?

Abraham Maslow proposed Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, predicated on fulfilling human needs in priority. Needs at the bottom of the pyramid are basic physical requirements. Once these lower-level needs have been achieved, people can move on to the need for safety/security. Further up…


A Growth Accelerating Investment Banking For Crypto.

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